Imeila Fonua

Imeila Fonua is a Senior Technical Recruiter that works in a variety of sectors to fill mid-level technical positions. He has a lot of expertise in this area. It is up to his to find possible candidates who satisfy the criteria. He began his career as a technical recruiter with the goal of generating proven outcomes for both nearshore and offshore talent more than five years ago.

Imeila Fonua has a long history of working for reputable firms and quickly rising up the ranks to positions of greater responsibility. Imeila Fonua has accumulated a great quantity of professional experience as a result of this. He has previously worked as a Senior Technical Recruiter and an Account Executive in the recruiting sector. He is presently employed by the organization as an Account Executive. Imeila's employees and supervisors have constantly praised his sales, leadership, and organizational qualities, as well as his devotion to devising novel solutions to problems, throughout his career. They did so for a number of reasons, including his capacity to think of innovative solutions to challenges.

Imeila Fonua's varied variety of life experiences, in addition to his long record of accomplishments, are strengths that he brings to every job he does. Employers have continually praised him as a dedicated worker of the highest level and a strong leader with the capacity to raise the bar at any workplace. Mr. Fonua's previous success as a Technical Recruiter speaks a lot about who he is as a person.